About Granola Revival

MISSION: Granola Revival is about cultivating active and wholehearted living from the inside out.  Soul care is the start to achieving your best self but not the only thing.  We want to be healthy in every way possible so we incorporate fitness and food in our journey to wholehearted living.  Add strength, courage, and an action plan and the tools are set in motion to live and give your best life!


I am an emerging voice to a world that is crying out for change. As both a follower of Christ and a lover of fitness and healthy living, I have found a way to marry both into a ministry that transforms lives daily. Granola Revival is my personal ministry that educates people on wholehearted living while getting them physically and spiritually healthy.

In 2011, God sent me to San Bernardino, CA to work as a full-time urban missionary to help restore faith and breath life into a desolate and unfulfilled people.  Since then, my mission field has expanded to several other cities including Temecula, CA and Compton, CA. My transplant into San Bernardino has shaken up my life for sure but also allowed me to step outside of myself and realize the love, fulfillment, and strength that come from a simple, obedient yes to God.

If you want to know more about what I do, send me a message and continue to follow the blog.  This blog is all about the wonderful adventures of my urban missionary work and life.

In order to continue to do what I do I need your support so check out my Partner with Me  page to see how you can help.  Let’s partner together to change the world!


Denae aka Granola Revival


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